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The Powder Show
Because both business and learning are best done face-to-face.
2013’s only show exclusively dedicated to
Dry Particulate Handling & Processing
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November 28, 2012
Top Things NOT to Screw Up!
“Early Bird” Discounts expiring
Reserving your exhibit booth space NOW assures you the lowest booth space rental rates. But, if you mess up and don’t reserve your space in time, it could cost you.
That’s because in a little more than a month, the “Early Bird” discounts on booth rentals expire and rates go up ten percent across the board. You can find all the details in the “Exhibitor Prospectus,” the updated version of which is available here.
Waiting List
Once we sell all the booths, which could happen by year’s end, we will establish a waiting list. Wait long enough and you could end up on the waiting list!
Free Website Promotion
You see the list of exhibiting companies on the left? Go ahead, click on any one of them. You’ll pull up their website straightaway. BAM! You’re there.
This same list is on each monthly "Conference e-Report." Every day you’re not signed up for your booth at PBE’s 2013 Powder Show™ is another lost opportunity to promote your website to your most important marketplace: powder and bulk solids processors and handlers.
That is exposure to more than 30,000 powder-processing professionals each month – nearly a quarter of a million exposures between now and the expo!
Don’t miss out. Get onboard for PBE’s 2013 Powder Show™ by downloading your updated copy of the "Exhibitor Prospectus", fill in the registration form on page 3 and return it today.
e-Blast Promotion of Your Products
Remember, exhibitors at PBE’s 2013 Powder Show™ can submit product releases for highlights in upcoming "Conference e-Reports." For more information on how to get that done, email Steve Culpepper. And, it’s free.
Conference Website Promotions
In addition to the monthly “Conference e-Reports,” we want to populate the www.pbepowdershow.com "Event Info" page with photos and text of products you plan on exhibiting. But, you have to be a registered exhibitor first. Fill in your booth registration form and get your name and products in front of this audience. And, it’s free.
Pre-Show and Show Promotions
Multiply your marketing efforts to attract more people to your booth by taking full advantage of the print publications leading up to the show. When you submit your product releases to Steve, include high-resolution (300 dpi) images for the magazines. Your submittal will be shared with the editors of these publications for possible inclusion in their upcoming issues. And don’t forget, it’s free.
The time to do all this is now. Save money and put your company’s capabilities in front of our show attendees today.

Watch for our next exhibitor e-newsletter December 26.
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